Vicky Ford MEP

Member of the European Parliament for the East of England

National Farmers Union (NFU)

"I would like to thank Vicky for all the support she has given to our industry through her work in the European Parliament. She has stood up for farmers on a range of issues including animal welfare, sugar reform and the Common Agricultural Policy. In particular she has supported the British pig sector and has consistently raised awareness among EU policy makers of our high standards of production."

Meurig Raymond, deputy president, National Farmers Union (20/5/13)



"EPDA has not been working long in the EU area and it is good to know there are MEPs, such as yourself, who will make the time to work with patient organisations. We look forward to achieving a good outcome for patients on the Horizon 2020 programme. It is great news that you are shadow rapporteur and we can rely on your support to maintain the Commission's position on stem cell research."



"I am writing to personally thank you so much for writing the foreword for the UKRO Annual Report and for speaking at our Annual Conference in June, It's been a great pleasure collaborating with you and your team over the last year, and we really appreciate all your support and also all your hard work and dedication on the Horizon 2020 and research agenda. We look forward to continuing to work with you in the coming year."



"Working with Vicky is refreshing as she is critical, constructive and knowledgeable in science and innovation issues – even in plant science and agriculture which is not so common for Members of Parliament. She is balancing well the larger picture of where Europe can go and how the UK and a region such as the East of England can best contribute to and benefit from this. We need more people like her to stand up, speak up and make Europe a better place and not shy away when discussions get tricky."

Karin Metzlaff, Executive Director, European Plant Science Organisation



"International collaboration in research is vital to solving our long-term challenges. Vicky's work will help get money to the front-line and mean that world-class scientists and researchers will save precious time when managing EU research grants."



"Vicky Ford was one of the lead MEPs responsible for negotiating the Energy Efficiency Directive. Energy UK felt that she did a very good job in consulting UK stakeholders and ensuring that their views were taken into account. She played an important part in achieving a Directive which ensures that energy efficiency will be taken seriously throughout Europe, but without imposing excessive costs on industry and domestic customers."

Angela Knight, CEO


The Smart Group of Companies

"'s nice to find someone prepared not only to try to help but to correspond and keep people in the picture. I think you'd be surprised at how many MP's offices don't even bother to acknowledge correspondence."

Martin Lawrence


Radical Cars

"I would like to thank you for the support you showed to our cause"

Vincent Rassat, Project Manager New Product Introduction


The Building Societies Association

"Vicky Ford and the European Parliament's Economic Affairs Committee work hard to improve the EU banking legislation coming out of Brussels, which has a huge impact on BSA members -so we are very grateful for their efforts in speaking up for UK mutuals. In a busy schedule, Vicky has made time to see BSA staff, listen to our concerns and propose helpful amendments to the EU legislation. We need friends like Vicky and her colleagues in Europe to fight for the UK's financial mutuals."

Adrian Coles OBE, Director-General

"There are a number of areas of concern for UK mutuals, and we are sure that there must be areas of shared interest with European colleagues. Where possible we feel that it is important to put forward positions which chime across the borders of member states."

"We are particularly aware of the immense workload facing members of the ECON committees on a number of these dossiers - a fact that has been exacerbated by the current focus on banking union. We wish the various rapporteurs every success in their endeavours to bring negotiations on all their dossiers to a successful conclusion."

"Customer service is something that tends to differentiate mutual players and independent research carried out by the BSA in April and August this year demonstrates that after news of a number of banking scandals had broken, consumer views of the service that they receive from banks and building societies swung markedly in favour of building societies and other mutual lenders and deposit takers."

David Cutter, Deputy Chairman of theBuilding Societies Association, said:


Southend High School For Boys

"The students were really impressed by Vicky's energy and vigour as well as her insights into the realities of the EP's workings.

Critically, we are indebted to Vicky's sponsorship of our visit to the EP - it enabled the students to see not only the inner workings of the EP, but also that of the Commission and the ACEA (the European Automotive Assoc.) during the course of the two day visit. The benefits to the students (all of whom are studying 'A' Level Govt & Politics) will be immense."

Tim Staines


Reserve Bank of India

This note is to profusely thank you for intellectually and professionally very stimulating,enriching and invigorating interaction on a host of the current global financial and economic policy and action challenges !

VK Sharma, Executive Director

My Political Priorities

Economic Stability must come first. Without a strong economy we can not deliver a strong society. I work with businesses and consumers to keep Britain open for business, cutting red tape, boosting trade opportunities and helping to deliver jobs and growth for all.

I support Science and Research which is key to delivering better medical care and improved lifestyles for all our families.

Strong security is vital in today's uncertain world, which requires robust policing and defence and deep international relationships that we can depend on. I work with others to achieve this.

I care about the Countryside and the Environment and making sure that rural and urban communities flourish.