Vicky Ford MEP

Member of the European Parliament for the East of England

I have long been a supporter of small businesses and I regularly visit these small businesses across the East of England to hear their issues.

At No 10 Downing Street with 50 top growing digital companiesDuring my time as an MEP, I have worked on removing costly bureaucracy for small companies wanting to raise capital so they can grow, and I have enabled improved international trade opportunities especially by cutting costs for small businesses.

I am currently looking at the digital markets and how to unlock the benefits for small digital companies. I have also campaigned to protect small and micro businesses, particularly online firms, from VAT changes.

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy but often bear the brunt of our legislative bureaucracy. I have successfully campaigned for micro entities to be exempted from EU legislation and a rolling back of red tape. The EU is currently running a consultation on removing red tape for small businesses. If you are a small business and you are dealing with a high-level of bureaucracy, which you consider unnecessary, now is the time to speak up and tell us about it. 

The link to the Commission Consultation can be found here.

My Political Priorities

Economic Stability must come first. Without a strong economy we can not deliver a strong society. I work with businesses and consumers to keep Britain open for business, cutting red tape, boosting trade opportunities and helping to deliver jobs and growth for all.

I support Science and Research which is key to delivering better medical care and improved lifestyles for all our families.

Strong security is vital in today's uncertain world, which requires robust policing and defence and deep international relationships that we can depend on. I work with others to achieve this.

I care about the Countryside and the Environment and making sure that rural and urban communities flourish.