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29 NOV 2016

AstraZeneca reaffirms commitment to Cambridge as they meet with Vicky Ford MEP in Brussels to discuss Brexit fears

AstraZeneca reaffirms commitment to Cambridge as they meet with Vicky Ford MEP in Brussels to discuss Brexit fears

Cambridge News - 29 November 2017

By Josh Thomas

The implications of Brexit on world-leading Cambridge -based company, AstraZeneca, will be discussed at a meeting in Brussels today.

Vicky Ford MEP, Conservative Member of European Parliament for East of England, will be meeting with representatives from the pharmaceuticals company to discuss their position on Brexit and how leaving the EU could impact on the price of medicine and free movement of workers.

Today, Mrs Ford will meet AstraZeneca to discuss their priorities on Brexit negotiations. Including in particular the importance for UK patients being able to participate in cross border clinical trials and ensuring there are no unnecessary delays to regulatory approvals for advanced medicines or medical devices.

Mrs Ford said: "I am in ongoing dialogue with a lot of companies in the area looking to make sure they can keep a strong relationship with the European market. From AstraZeneca and the life sciences point of view, a key issue is they are committed to Cambridge and are going through with their headquarters here.

"They are looking at the impact on collaborative research and making sure they can continue cross border trials and keep a smooth regulation process."

Mrs Ford said that, from European companies' point of view, it was vital to keep British expertise on board.

last month, Cambridge MP Daniel Zeichner said Brexit could end up having an impact on the cost of medicine should AstraZeneca not be able to operate as normal.

Mr Zeichner said: "Few people were thinking about the price of medicines when they voted in the referendum. But as the chief executive of AstraZeneca warned at the weekend, if the Government gets this wrong, the drugs bill will rise, so less money for the NHS - exactly the opposite of what people thought they were voting for."

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