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03 OCT 2016

Conservative MEP Vicky Ford talks Brexit with the Bishop's Stortford Chamber of Commerce

Conservative MEP Vicky Ford talks Brexit with the Bishop's Stortford Chamber of Commerce

Herts & Essex Observer - 3 October 2016

A "calm and reasonable" approach to Brexit negotiations will benefit big business in Hertfordshire, according to the area's MEP.

Vicky Ford, a Conservative who represents the East of England, spoke at an event hosted by the Bishop's Stortford Chamber of Commerce at the town's golf club on Friday (September 3).

That morning she had visited the GSK plant in Ware to get a feel for the effect of the Brexit vote on business in the area.

Speaking to a range of businesspeople and local politicians, she said: "I have been seeing the asthma inhalers they make there and GSK are going to invest another £74million in those products which will be sold in over 100 different countries.

"It's critical to their operations that we have a negotiation between the UK and the rest of Europe that is as calm and reasonable and damage limiting as possible."

She added: "It's a great local example of the kind of work I have been doing around Brexit."

Mrs Ford also gave her views on the negotiations surrounding the single market, national security, science and research hubs in Cambridge, and free movement around Europe.

She was introduced by chamber committee member John Stigwood from Nockolds Solicitors and a range of businesspeople from the town attended.

Many shared concerns about the difficulty of doing business internationally since the referendum.

But many others said, while trade had slowed initially, the result had made little difference to the day-to-day running of their business.

Robert Lee, the president of the chamber, said: "The members of the chamber greatly enjoyed a frank and informative discussion on the effects of Brexit and the likely future negotiations.

"It's important the chamber members understand the opportunities and the difficulties that Brexit will bring."

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