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05 APR 2017

Farage accused of being "no friend" of UK negotiations

To a round of applause in a packed Hemicycle in Strasbourg today East of England MEP Vicky Ford MEP hit out at "Mafia" comments made by Nigel Farage MEP.

"Calling other colleagues members of the Mafia or gangsters does not show mutual respect, it does not represent the views of the vast majority of the British people and it is not the view of the British Prime Minister who wants to remain friends, allies, and partners."

When Mr Farage took the floor, he accused MEPs of "...behaving like the Mafia", before qualifying following a rebuke from the President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani. Mr Farage went on to say, "I do understand national sensitivities, I'll change it to gangsters."

This morning MEPs had gathered in the Strasbourg Hemicycle to discuss and debate forthcoming negotiations with the United Kingdom, following the triggering of Article 50 last Wednesday.

Vicky Ford has been working with businesses and organisations across the East of England and UK since last June's vote to ensure that their views are taken into account in the forthcoming negotiations. She has backed Theresa May's call for an amicable separation and a constructive and deep future relationship between the UK and EU.

Mrs Ford sat through the three hour debate in the Parliament this morning in which over 60 MEPs spoke. She said "When negotiating a tricky separation one needs to keep calm, but when Farage spoke it was like a herd of bulls had just been driven straight through the china shop. Of course there will be times when negotiators disagree but chucking indiscriminate insults at those on the other side of the channel will not help get a good deal for the UK. It's important that people across Europe know that most Brits don't support this sort of language"

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