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Member of the European Parliament for the East of England

21 FEB 2014

Essex MEP Vicky Ford joins Rebecca Harris MP and Mr Canvey to visit growing local business

Essex MEP Vicky Ford joins Rebecca Harris MP and Mr Canvey to visit growing local business

Conservative Member of the European Parliament joined Castle Point MP Rebecca Harris and Cllr Ray Howard on a visit to Blyth Workcats on Canvey Island. The company designs and builds customised boats for charter angling, diving, commercial fishing, passenger carrying, crew transfer or survey work.

With a number of key offshore infrastructures in the East of England, Blyth Workcats provides a local service to different East Anglian industry as well as sustaining jobs. After visiting the site, Vicky discussed with the company about what barriers to growth they faced and what more can be done to support other small businesses. Top on their agenda was to improve access to export credit facilities and more open information on public procurement procedures and contracts.

Rebecca Harris MP said: "This is a historic local company with an international brand and we are very proud they are still manufacturing catamarans in our Borough. One of the reasons why Castle Point is such a good place to have a business is because as a community we have a very good, hard-grafting work ethic. We do however need to make sure that local colleges keep on tailoring the skills they offer to match the demands of local businesses like these. "

Mrs Ford said "It's great to see a local business exporting all over the world. We have already unlocked some new funding to help exporters but this needs to work for specialist companies like Blyth Workcats too. Building boats to order can take up to six months. Rebecca and I will be taking this issue up with those responsible for trade finance."

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