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Member of the European Parliament for the East of England

06 SEP 2016

Vicky Ford MEP: Access to the Single Market must include the ability to shape its rules.


The leading MEP and Chairman of the European Parliament's influential Single Market Committee has warned Brexit negotiators that access to the single market must include an ability to shape its future rules.

Vicky Ford, MEP for the East of England, was speaking to leading British manufacturers at EEF (the manufacturers' organisation) in London (Tuesday 6th September). She said, "British industry needs to be allowed a say on the regulations that govern the markets they trade in. It is vital for them that Britain has the ability and the right to shape those rules and their implementation."

The MEP has steered key legislation through the Parliament and today she met with representatives from companies like BAE Systems, Airbus and Rolls Royce (extended list below).

"It has been suggested that a new UK and EU relationship should be based on the regulatory cooperation chapter in the latest EU/Canada trade deal. But, if we accept this approach, there is no assurance that UK based companies will be consulted at all. This has to be considered unacceptable."

"Instead, I think we are more likely to achieve a more balanced co-operative relationship if we work on a sector by sector approach, focusing cooperation primarily where there is true international need for a cross border consensus; certain areas of financial services and the digital economy as well as key manufacturing sectors come to mind."


Notes to editors:

Attendees at the Conference include representatives from Caterpillar, BASF, Rolls Royce, Airbus, Toyota, BAE Systems, Siemens, Babcock and BMW.

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