Vicky Ford MEP

Member of the European Parliament for the East of England

23 JAN 2017

Week Ahead Media Briefing - Vicky Ford MEP - Monday 23rd January

Week Ahead Media Briefing - Vicky Ford MEP - Monday 23rd January

MEPs will meet in Brussels this week for committee and group meetings.

On Monday, Vicky will meet with several MPs from her constituency to discuss the upcoming Brexit negotiations.

On Tuesday, she will be a member of the expert panel at the Tech UK event "The UK Digital Sectors after Brexit" to exchange views on the potential economic impact on the UK tech sector and their priorities ahead of the negotiations. At 16% of GVA and 25% of total UK exports, the UK Digital sector is the fastest-growing and most dynamic part of the UK economy. As the Government outlines its Brexit strategy, it is clear that making a success of Brexit must mean making it a success for the UK tech sector.

In Brussels, Vicky's Internal Market committee will elect its Chair and Vice-Chairs as part of the mid-term review. During the committee meeting, MEPs will also exchange on topics like the market surveillance of motor vehicles, geo-blocking, the European Agenda for the Collaborative Economy, online platforms, the accessibility requirements for products and services and the influence of technology on the future of the financial sector.

The committee will also welcome the Maltese Minister for the Economy, Investment and Small Business, Christian Cardona, to discuss the programme and priorities of the Maltese Presidency of the European Council.

On Thursday, Vicky has been invited as committee chair, to share her committee's experience on transparency and coordination of the legislative process at the meeting of the JURI-AFCO working group on Better Law-Making.

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My Political Priorities

Economic Stability must come first. Without a strong economy we can not deliver a strong society. I work with businesses and consumers to keep Britain open for business, cutting red tape, boosting trade opportunities and helping to deliver jobs and growth for all.

I support Science and Research which is key to delivering better medical care and improved lifestyles for all our families.

Strong security is vital in today's uncertain world, which requires robust policing and defence and deep international relationships that we can depend on. I work with others to achieve this.

I care about the Countryside and the Environment and making sure that rural and urban communities flourish.