Vicky Ford MEP

Member of the European Parliament for the East of England

02 MAY 2017

Week Ahead Media Briefing - Vicky Ford MEP - Tuesday 2 May

Week Ahead Media Briefing - Vicky Ford MEP - Tuesday 2 May

On Saturday 29 April, Vicky Ford was selected by the Chelmsford Conservative Constituency Association to be their candidate for the next UK General Election on June 8. Vicky Ford's MEP offices and staff will continue to follow matters in the European Parliament relevant to her work as an MEP and will assist residents from across the East of England on EU related issues, but will not be involved with matters related to the General Election.

MEPs will meet in Brussels this week for committee and group meetings.

On Tuesday and Wednesday morning Vicky will chair the Internal Market Committee including discussions on the telecoms package, franchising, cross-border parcel delivery, and on the European services e-card which will enable service based companies to operate easily in multiple Member States.

In Brussels, Vicky will meet with Niall Dickson, newly appointed Chief Executive of the NHS Confederation, to discuss the wider impact of Brexit on the NHS. She will also meet with the Chairman of the Bar of England & Wales to discuss Brexit as well as IMCO's work in terms of consumer protection legislation and the progress of the Digital Single Market files.

In London, Vicky will meet Lord Bridges of Headley, Parliamentary Under-Secretary at DExEU.

On Wednesday, Vicky will speak at an event organised by the European Parliament office in London, "Brexit, the European Parliament and Freedom of Movement". The list of speakers includes the Irish Ambassador to the UK.

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